Teat Sealant Blue T-Hexx Dry 32 OZ



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  • External teat sealant
  • 32 oz container

This product produces a physical barrier that aids in the prevention of mastitis in dry cows.

For Dry Cows:

T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant is a safe and easy to use dry cow teat sealant that uses patented technology to safely and effectively seal and protect the teats at dry off in your program to aid in the prevention of mastitis in dry cows.

At Dry Off:

At last milking prior to dry off, milk out cow completely. Clean and dry teats, then dip entire length of teat with T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant. For maximum protection, a second application may be applied after the first coating is dry.

10 Days Prior To Calving:

Clean teat thoroughly and wipe with dry towel. Dip entire length of teat into T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant. Dip should remain on teat 3-7 days. Observe daily and re-dip if sealant is removed prior to calving. After calving, peel off any remaining teat sealant prior to milking.


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