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  • The new Easy Pour Quarter Milker, like other quarter milkers, is used to milk out an infected or injured quarter without interfering with full machine milk-out of the other quarters.
  • The Easy Pour has a major improvement over other quarter milkers in that the milk can be dumped with one hand without removing the lid or the hoses.
  • Other features include large 2.5 gallon capacity, a large lid opening for easy cleaning, and a low-profile jug made of thick semi-transparent poly.
  • Quarter milkers are recommended in cases of high somatic cell count (SCC), injury, mastitis, or hemorrhage.
  • Easy Pour Quarter Milker is the dairyman’s assurance that affected milk is kept out of the milking system.
  • When used properly, bulk tank bacteria and somatic cell count may be reduced by preventing affected milk from mixing with good milk.
  • Easy Pour Quarter Milker comes complete with jug, lid, hoses and universal inflation adapter.

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