360 Pro Series 6′ Hunting Blind



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The 360 blinds’ spacious 6ft, 6in high interior allows the hunter to stand fully upright, and it’s wide enough to comfortably seat two people. The twelve by eighteen-inch tinted windows feature our state-of-the-art window raising mechanism – an utterly silent, one-handed
operation. Our solid wood frame construction and a seamless acrylic roof are built to provide hunters with many seasons of comfortable, weatherproof hunting.

A: Integrated ventilation

B: Seamless acrylic roof coating

C: Peep windows  at standing height

D: 24×60 inward swinging door

E: Tinted rifle and archery windows

F: LP Smart Side exterior

Features Included

  • Three 29”x16” tinted gun/crossbow windows
  • One 18”x12” window in door
  • Lockable door latch
  • Four, 4×4 pockets for stand posts
  • Padded shooting rails at each window
  • Integrated Ventilation Above Door
  • Carpeted floor & walls up to bottom of windows

Upgrade Options

  • Insulated floor and walls
  • Metal tower stand
  • Wooden tower stand
  • Handicap accessible door

Additional information

Weight 10000 lbs


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