Anka Small Nozzle With 1″ Tail 25mm



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Anka Wash Down Hose Nozzles are strong and robust with a quick-action on/off and a fully adjustable spray pattern. Made of quality industrial plastic, nozzles are highly impact-resistant. High flow rates insure a fast wash-down time. The uniquely designed outer ring protects the nozzles from excessive wear and prevents scratching of dairy equipment when nozzle falls or is dropped. Spray is adjustable from wide spray pattern to full bore flow. Hose tails have no sharp edges on the barbs, reducing the chance of damage to the hose when clamps are used. This model has 1″ threads. Minimum working pressure is 15-40 psi, maximum 100 psi. Wash Down Nozzles are easily taken apart for service. Blue in color.

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