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For over 20 years Black Gold has been devoted to dogs and the sportsmen who love them. More than just a dog food, Black Gold is foot that represents a philosophy. A philosophy of grabbing every day by the dawn and finding adventure just over the hill and doing it all with your best friend by your side. Now Black Gold Explorer Grain Free continues that commitment with grain free nutrition specifically created for all active dogs who can’t wait to find that adventure.

  • Black Gold Explorer Grain Free is 100% complete and balanced for adult dogs to provide the high quality protein and energy required for every day stamina and endurance.
  • They are formulated without corn, rice, or wheat and include L-Carnitine to help burn fat and maintain muscle along with an essential oil blend to support a healthy skin and coat while also providing natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.
  • Black Gold Explorer Grain Free Formulas include probiotics for healthy digestion and are never made with by products, artificial colors, chemical preservatives, or artificial flavors.
  • Black Gold Explorer Grain Free Formula is crafted to give dogs everything they need to live energetic, eventful lives outdoors with you.
  • Black Gold Salmon & White Fish comes in a 28 lb bag.

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