Boot Grip On Certi Grip XL Ice Spikes


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The GripOns™ are ideal for all outdoor winter activities, helping prevent the risk of pulled muscles, fractures and back problems caused by slips or falls on ice and snow. The lightweight pull-on traction is perfect for all footwear including work, hiking and hunting boots, as well as sport, casual and dress shoes. It’s just the product for walking the dog or strolling across icy parking lots. Its easy on/off design makes it great for the elderly or anyone making frequent back and forth trips between indoors and outdoors. Size XLarge.

• Tungsten steel studs easily cut through snow and ice
• Walk, run and hike with confidence on ice and snow
• Perfect for dress, casual or athletic footwear
• A softer rubber compound retains elasticity and durability staying flexible in all temperatures
• Unidirectional stud pattern provides critical footing delivering more push and lateral grip
• Tension-fit binds securely to footwear using no snaps or buckles
• Easy On/Off

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