Citrus Metered Aerosal Air Freshener



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Time Mist air fresheners contain an odor counteractant that eliminates odors and leaves the air smelling fresh, without CFC’s or ozone depleting substances.

The dispenser activates the special metered valve at a predetermined interval, releasing a measured amount of Air Freshener which remains suspended in the air insuring a fresh atmosphere. Each automatic release of Air Freshener renews the pleasant fragrance. Only one dispenser is needed for a room up to 30′ x 20′ x 10′.

Time Mist Metered Air Fresheners offer a wide spectrum of applications including, but not limited to restrooms, convalescent homes, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, hotels, motels, retail stores and kitchens.

Citrus scented. 30 day metered air freshener. 6.6 oz can.

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