Copper Sulfate 50 LB



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  • Copper sulfate
  • Put copper sulfate in your foot bath to help treat strawberry warts
  • 50 lb bag
  • This product is fairly fine 40 mesh
  • 99% Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Feed Grade
  • Copper is an important dietary supplement in animal feeds. Old Bridge Feed Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate is especially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the feed industry. Feed Grade Copper Sulfate is free flowing and has excellent absorbent properties.

  • It is 100 percent minus 30 mesh. Coarse Crystals Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate can be used to destroy algae in water supplies. It controls tadpole shrimp in flooded rice fields and is used as a sewer treatment to destroy roots.

  • Feed Crystals Copper Sulfate can be used as an ingredient in Bordeaux Mixture sprays as a fungicide to control plant diseases. It is an ingredient in wood treating chemicals to protect against mildew and rotting. In industrial applications, Old Bridge Copper Sulfate finds use in production of chemicals, dyes and pigments, in the steel industry for pickling and plating and as a floatation reagent in recovery of zinc and lead in mining.

  • Old Bridge Copper Sulfate Feed Crystals and Coarse Crystals are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for pesticide applications (EPA Reg. No.46923-4). Please refer to the EPA approved labels for specific instructions.

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