Cow Water Bowl AU82 Plastic With Valve



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  • Our new high-flow water bowl combines the qualities of our time-proven AU82P water bowl with a high-flow water valve that delivers a full 5.8 gallons of water per minute at 40 PSI.
  • Rugged water bowl is made of high impact blue copolymer and can be counted on for many years of reliable livestock watering.
  • Water is released into the bowl by nudging the orange cylindrical plastic nose ‘paddle’ in any direction, so animals learn quickly.
  • The simple, safe, water-release valve at back of bowl makes cleaning a quick, easy job.
  • Poly Water Bowl is one of the only on the market fitted with cast iron threads for permanent installation.
  • Bowl is equipped with brass valve and 3/4″ top and bottom inlets.
  • Fastening clamp included.

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