Lava Pumice Hand Soap Bar 5.75 OZ


LAVA SOAP BAR 5.75 OZ 2 pkg

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This Lava Bar is a pumice-powered hand soap with moisturizers. It removes tough grease and grime. The Lava Bar is a brand trusted by coal miners and oil rig workers for over 100 years. What’s the secret ingredient? Pumice, a by-product of volcanic activity. The combination of pumice, cleansing agents, and moisturizers works to effectively remove the toughest soils. The moisturizers in this Lava Bar work to keep hands soft during heavy-duty cleaning. Remove dirt from the skin without damage or irritation. This bar of hand soap even works to remove ink, oil, and paint. Perfect for workshops, garages, and a wide variety of industrial applications, it will leave your employees’ hands feeling clean and refreshed. 5.75 oz bar

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