MiraFount 3000 Lil Spring Waterer



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The Lil’ Spring 3000 Single-Side Watering Trough is a great way to provide constant fresh water to your livestock. It circulates the water to keep it fresh and free from bacteria and algae. It has a drinking height of 16″ and can hold up to 5 gallons. Compatible with a Miraco Heater (sold separately).
  • Large access panel for easy access to valve area
  • Access panels at both ends
  • Installs easily on most existing concrete pads
  • Spring load clips allow entry to valve area – no wrenches required
  • Constant flow available
  • Smooth edges makes for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel anchor bolts included
  • Blue in color
  • In store pick up only
Capacity 30 Head of Beef

30 Head of Horses

50 Head of Sheep

Size 5 Gallons
Dimensions 24″ X 22″ X 21″
Drinking Height 16″
Weight 48 lbs
Ideal Uses Beef, Horses, & Sheep

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Weight 500 lbs


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