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Non-Polluting, non-toxic Sticky Roll is a reel-to-reel system of sticky tape that really catches flies! When flies first hatch, after feeding, or when the weather cools, they tend to congregate overhead, where they are caught on the roll. Once entrapped, they produce stress chemicals which are irresistible attractants to other flies. Eventually the tape is completely black with trapped flies.

Sticky Roll is a safe and effective system that is easy to install for use in areas such as dairy barns, horse stables, animal premises of all kinds, veterinary areas, kennels, zoos, food processing areas, and anywhere flies are a problem. USDA testing shows that Sticky Roll captured 92% of available flies, an astonishing performance considering Sticky Roll is completely non-toxic and non-polluting.

This refill for Mr. Sticky’s Deluxe Sticky Roll System has 1000 feet of 1/4″ wide white sticky tape that flies just love to land on. Hardware and complete kits with tape sold separately.


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