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  • The RJB Top Dipper Teat Foamers are a new innovation in the extensive line of RJB teat sanitation tools.
  • The Foamers produce a thick rich lather with just a gentle squeeze of the flexible bottle.
  • Most teat dips will produce excellent results when used in the new RJB Foamers.
  • Because of the unique patented shape of the cup (the Power Dipper Principle), the teat completely fills the cup, causing dip to be pushed up and around the teat, giving complete coverage from the tip to the base of the udder.
  • Only 4cc’s of dip (less than a teaspoon) are needed to produce enough foam to cover 4 teats.
  • Dip does not return to the bottle, yet only a small amount of dip remains in the cup, reducing waste.
  • The foam will collapse in a short while, leaving the teat entirely covered with liquid teat dip.
  • RJB teat sanitation equipment is designed to be efficient and economical for better dairy cow, goat and sheep udder health and mastitis prevention.
  • Yellow in color.

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