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  • Happy Jack Skin Balm is specially formulated to provide immediate aid to your pets against skin and coat problems.
  • Contains Mercaptobenzothiazole as its active ingredient which is highly effective in treating minor cuts and scrapes.
  • It is perfect to use on dogs, cats, and horses at any life stage.
  • The Happy Jack Skin Balm is suitable for indoor use since it has a pleasant odor and non-staining formula.
  • It offers relief against a dry, rough and scaly skin, intense itching, and loss of hair on your pets, even on elephant hide-like skin.
  • It is proven to be able to bring back the healthy and glowy skin and coat of your furry friends.
  • Soothes skin and helps treat common skin problems such as hot spots, summer eczema, and kennel itch.
  • 4 oz container

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