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  • 50′ Element PVC Sprinkler Hose is ideal for watering lawns and narrow garden areas.
  • It has six holes per foot that creates a wall of soaking mist with a capped male end for easy draining.
  • It is easy to unroll and roll back up for storage
  • Element sprinkler and soaker hose
  • Designed for watering lawns and narrow garden areas
  • Place stripes up for sprinkling or stripes down for soaking gardens or flower beds
  • Features 6 perforations per foot, which create a wall of soaking mist
  • Lead-free, drinking water safe and eco-safe for gardening
  • Oversized, heavy-duty couplings
  • Capped male end makes daisy chaining sprinklers simple, provides easy draining and storage
  • Garden sprinkler hose is compact and easy to store
  • 7-year warranty


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