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  • Kleen Sheen is the fantastic daily hair care conditioning formula for producing healthy, well trained hair with that “Ultra” shine.
  • Fortified with the VITA HAIR and moisturizers that boost hair strength to create better conditioned hair.
  • Repels dirt to keep animals cleaner.
  • This light sheen is perfect for daily hair care, clipping and show day grooming.
  • Spray Kleen Sheen over entire body once a day, every day.
  • Requires no washing out.
  • Naturally Healthy for Hair … HOW?
  • The Purified chemistry of Kleen Sheen hydrates the hair naturally with a blend of non-petroleum, non-drying emollients and conditioners for soft, manageable and stronger hair coats.
  • Its purity of naturally derived resources prevents the deposit of harmful minerals and toxins that could penetrate, causing dull, dry or damaged hair.
  • Kleen Sheen is biodegradable, earth safe, and free of abrasives, petroleum, or toxins which can be irritating!
  • Gallon size bottle.

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