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  • Tsunami DQ is a non-selective herbicide for both submerged and floating pond weeds. Effective in controlling duckweed, water hyacinth, pondweed, slender leaf pond weed, coontail, and other aquatic weeds. Tsunami DQ can be blended with other herbicides for many uses and is a diquat dibromide based herbicide.
    • Step 4 maintenance, the fourth of five steps in an effective annual pond care program
    • Diquat formula kills surface and submerged weeds that are copper resistant
    • Effective in controlling hard to kill weeds like duckweed
    • Consists of 37.3% diquat dibromide
    • Use 2 to 8 quarts per surface acre depending on infestation and type of weed for aquatics
    • 1 quart bottle

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