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  • When it comes to long-range aroma, liquids have the advantage of evaporation.
  • when you pour LIQUID LUCK over a stump or on the ground, it works fast, deer smell it sooner.
  • It’s the perfect attractant for the weekend hunter, because it works so quickly
  • LIQUID LUCK has the nutrients deer crave and the protein deer need, so once they know it’s there, they’ll come back for more.
  • Handy Carry ‘n’ Pour container, too.
  • Intense aroma attracts deer from far and wide
  • Pour on ground or stump near stand to attract deer right away
  • Specially formulated nutrients that deer crave
  • Protein-based formula promotes antler growth
  • Easy-to-use Carry ‘n’ Pour container
  • Available in a half-gallon container

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