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The Callicrate Castrator Pro Bander is a humane, easy-to-use castrating tool for any size bull (300 lbs. – 3,000 lbs.) Lightweight design with smooth ratcheting action. A Callicrate Pro Loop is installed on the nose of the tool. The Loop’s pull tab is then affixed to the tension strap. As tension strap is ratcheted, the Loop’s self-locking clip causes band to tighten. No crimping required, the time-saving, convenient built-in cutter cuts the loop quickly and correctly with perfect results every time. Extra-strong Callicrate loops are produced using a special solid latex formula that is over three times stronger than pre-made latex rings. Retains tension for immediate and total blocking of the blood vessels, for faster scrotal drop with less pain and swelling. Because each loop is ratcheted to the precise tightness required, each use provides a custom fit. Spring loaded indicator senses proper tightness. Kit comes with bander, 5 loops, and carrying case.

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