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  • CattPlex Pro, the aquatic herbicide formerly known as CattPlex, delivers targeted cattail control and tackles both submerged and floating weeds ensuring the restoration of aquatic ecosystems with precision and effectiveness.
  • Full list of weeds controlled within the label.
  • CattPlex Pro utilizes Imazamox instead of Glyphosate.
  • Imazamox is a highly effective herbicide designed specifically for aquatic environments.
  • Imazamox targets a range of common aquatic weeds, including cattails, water milfoil, pondweed, and duckweed.
  • CattPlex Pro offers a cost-effective solution by reducing the need for frequent treatments and provides long-term value through its persistent residual activity and targeted weed control. Trusted by aquatic management professionals for reliable and consistent weed control.
  • Imazamox has minimal impact on beneficial flora and fauna and preserves the balance of the ecosystem by selectively targeting weeds without harming beneficial aquatic life.

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