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  • This Spray provides a targeted dealing with digital dermatitis (hairy heel warts).
  • Using NEW technology it should be used whenever you need to quickly STOP the progression of this disease.
  • Using a powerful spray like HealMax is inexpensive and highly effective.
  • HealMax Spray is a special formulation of our HealMax Footbath Concentrate.
  • It is a highly effective way to deal with Hariy Heel Warts (PDD) and is available in several forms:
  • 1) HealMax WART Spray is sprayed directly on individual warts and is applied once or twice either on the same or consecutive days.
  • Upon contact with affected skin HealMax Wart Spray is formulated to adhear to the problem area.
  • Do not wrap hoof after treatment.
  • HealMax Wart Spray Quart Spray Bottle provides about 225 applications per quart.
  • Typically, one application is 3-5 squirts which is enough HealMax to cover a typical size lesion.
  • After just a few applications the wart lesions will be scabbed over and animals will no longer be lame.
  • Gallon size

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