Honey B Healthy Bee Feed Stimulant 8 OZ



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  • Feeding stimulant for honeybees
  • Made from lemongrass and speamint essential oils
  • Can be added to your feeding mix
  • Use in late winter and early spring when nectar supply is low
  • 8 oz bottle

Honey B Healthy is a Non-GMO emulsion to add to sugar water syrups, drenches, and patties. It helps accelerate the buildup of nucs, packages, swarms, and small or weakened colonies during early spring, fall or dearths of nectar. Use as a spray in sugar water instead of smoke to calm bees and combine weak colonies. Spraying on new plastic foundation helps encourage acceptance. It mixes well with various sugar water syrups. At 1 tsp per quart, makes up to 12 gallons of feeding mix.

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