Honey B Healthy Bee Feed Stimulant 8 OZ


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  • Feeding stimulant for honeybees
  • Made from lemongrass and spearmint essential oils
  • Can be added to your feeding mix
  • Use in late winter and early spring when nectar supply is low
  • 8 oz bottle
  • Honey B Healthy is a Non-GMO emulsion to add to sugar water syrups, drenches, and patties.
  • It helps accelerate the buildup of nucs, packages, swarms, and small or weakened colonies during early spring, fall or dearths of nectar.
  • Use as a spray in sugar water instead of smoke to calm bees and combine weak colonies.
  • Spraying on new plastic foundation helps encourage acceptance.
  • It mixes well with various sugar water syrups.
  • At 1 tsp per quart, makes up to 12 gallons of feeding mix.

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