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  • Hydra-Lyte is an electrolyte replacement and nutritional supplement for young animals.
  • It contains…
  • Dextrose – Raises blood glucose levels to correct hypoglycemia and stimulates electrolyte and water assimilation.
  • Glycine – Promotes intestinal absorption of water and sodium and helps spare protein utilization for energy purposes.
  • Sodium acetate – Provides an immediate energy source and correct acidosis without inhibiting milk clotting.
  • Potassium chloride – Restores normal intracellular potassium levels to correct hypokalemia.
  • Sodium chloride – Restores lost sodium levels and is a major factor in the absorption of water to effectively correct dehydration.
  • Sodium citrate – Enhances the absorption of Electrolytes and water.
  • 5.76 oz packet

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