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  • The Milk Bar Vitality Bottle System is incredibly easy to install, and cuts time spent raising calves.
  • The Milk Bar Vitality System uses a unique chute design that ensures the Milk Bar Teat is positioned vertically so the calf suckles are the correct speed for healthy digestion.
  • Milk Bar Vitality Calf Bottle System, complete, includes alignment chute, holders and bolts, 3 qt. bottle, screw on top, clip, five Milk Bar 265-0002 Teats.
  • Calves that drink one quart of milk in under two minutes have decreased lactose absorption compared to those who meet the two-minute mark.
  • The decreased lactose absorption negatively impacts daily weight gain and increases the risk of nutritional diarrhea as lactose passes through the intestines too quickly.
  • Calves that nurse too quickly also cross-suckle, causing navel and teat damage to pen mates.
  • It is important that calves suckle hard from birth to weaning to ensure they drink at the slow speed required for full milk curding and lactose absorption.
  • For optimum health, calves should start drinking from a new Milk Bar Teat and stay with that teat, or a similarly aged teat, until weaning.
  • As teats age they soften, increasing milk flow.

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