MiraFount 6100 Big Spring Waterer



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This Big Spring 6100 Livestock Watering Tank has a capacity of 60 gallons. It can provide for up to 100 head of dairy cattle. It has a curved front and a flat back so you can easily position it. The feeding height of this unit is 24″ and is adaptable with a Miraco Heater(sold separately).

  • Flat-back design fits flush with wall
  • Center between stalls or place one on each end of single stalls
  • Sloped bottom makes cleaning easier
  • No wrenches required for valve compartment access
  • Stainless steel anchor bolts included
Capacity 110 Head of Dairy
Size 60 Gallons
Dimensions 80″ X 36″ X 24″
Drinking Height 24″
Weight 205 lbs
Ideal Uses Dairy

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Weight 500 lbs


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