Radio Fence 1/2 Acre PIF-300 Wireless


Radio Fence 1/2 Acre PIF-300 Wireless

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  • Covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre (180 feet in diameter).
  • Completely wireless/portable.
  • 5 adjustable levels of correction, plus tone-only mode.
  • Waterproof receiver collar

With this innovative, portable system, there are no wires to bury. Just plug the transmitter into an electrical outlet close to the area where you want to contain your pet.The transmitter communicates with your dog’s receiver collar and helps keep him in the desingated area. The system is portable, so you can bring it along with you wherever you move! An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a PetSafe Wireless Receiver Collar.

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System has been proven safe, comfortable, and effective for pets over 8 lbs. The system works by delivering a safe static correction through 2 contact points that touch your pet’s neck. If your pet crosses the established boundary zone, a static correction will get your pet’s attention, but will not harm him.

System Includes:

  • Transmitter with power adapter
  • Receiver collar for neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • Operating and training guide
  • 6V lithium battery (PetSafe RFA-67)
  • 50 white training flags
  • Test light tool

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